Hansje van Halem

Posters Schrank8 Home Gallery


The posters promote the exhibitions in her living room allow the designer complete freedom for typographical experimentation. As a result, the posters balance on the dividing line between autonomous and communication design. Research in this border area yields unusual printed material and drives innovation in the profession to
a certain degree.

Poster voor tentoonstelling van Bart de Beats
The letters emerge from organic struc- tures that seem to have grown of their own accord (BvL, dutch design yearbook, 2011)


The posters for the bimonthly changing cabinet exhibitions at the designer’s home balance on the borderline between autonomous and communication design. The research in this border area results in stunning posters and is the innovation-oriented drive in the professional field.

Ontwerper Hansje van Halem
Studio Studio Hansje van Halem
Website www.hansje.net

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