Preview of DDA15 with Joost Alferink

March 18 2015

A preview of the design year of 2015, with Product and Fashion committee chairman Joost Alferink

WHAT WAS LAST YEAR'S DESIGN HIGHLIGHT FOR YOU? I was very enthusiastic about the 'Sense - Non-Sense' exhibition. In this exhibition the relation between the sense and nonsense of the design profession is explored. It seems so simple uniting two divergent topics. I found it especially brilliant that the exhibition appeared to answer the greater criticism that had been directed at the Design Academy in the previous year. The context in which the designer is operating is discussed more frequently nowadays and this exhibition helps to clarify this a little more. I always strive to consider the broader perspective and try to create awareness in my job as a designer, consultant or presenter. That is an important reason that I appreciate this exhibition so much.

The ‘Ambio’ lamp by Teresa van Dongen in which bacteria generated a blue light was magical for me and should be mentioned here too.

photo: Design Acedemy Eindhoven
photo: Theresa van Dongen

WHAT DO YOU HOPE TO BE SURPRISED BY IN THIS YEAR'S SELECTION? A surprise is a surprise! So it is truly impossible to predict what would surprise me in the 2015 selection. Consider this a political answer... What I would like to come across are beautiful, carefully designed consumer products suitable for a broad public.

LAST YEAR, DESIGNERS APPEARED TO INCREASINGLY PROFILE THEMSELVES AS PROJECT INITIATORS, THAT MORE RESEARCH WAS PUT INTO THE DESIGN PROCESS AND THAT A HOLISTIC APPROACH IS NECESSARY FOR THE COMPLEX PROBLEMS OF TODAY. WHICH DEVELOPMENTS DO YOU THINK WILL STAND OUT IN 2015? Society is constantly shifting. I do hope that people stay away from theories and trends that only try to capture the magic of creativity and design without adding any substantial content. However for the future I do think the convergence of design and virtual reality is a hot topic, even as the likelihood that not everything has to be produced if it can be experienced digitally. Whether this will become clearly visible as soon as 2015, is really the question.


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