Frank Kolkman wins DDA Young Designer Award

October 28 2017
Photo: Jeroen van der Wielen
Photo: Jeroen van der Wielen

His refreshing view of the future of care and the position of the patient wins Frank Kolkman the Young Designer Award. The jury chose Kolkman for his in-depth approach. He encourages us to think by researching the social, economic and aesthetic implications of current and future technologies. He received this award on Saturday 28 October during Dutch Design Week.

The international jury was very positive about the finalists in this edition’s Young Designers category because of their social drive and refreshing approach. Their selection of Frank Kolkman was prompted by his provocative way of thinking and his strong concepts. He causes disruption with challenging prototypes, interactive installations and scenarios about current themes such as the accessibility of care and the extent to which we can decide on this ourselves as patients. He is simultaneously an analytical designer and a speculative researcher. This is expressed in projects like Open Surgery (a DIY robot operation installation), Designs for Flies (a kit for patients to develop medication for rare diseases themselves), Black Gold (about preserving endangered animal species) and End of Life (about dealing with, and experiencing death with technology).

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