Urban Park Artis best client 2014

October 18 2014

Urban Park Artis (Natura Artis Magistra) is the winner of the Best Client Award 2014. This was announced on Saturday evening during the award ceremony of the annual Dutch Design Awards in Eindhoven.

Natura Artis Magistra

Natura Artis Magistra (in short: Artis) is the oldest urban park where humans and animals come together. Last year, the attraction in the Amsterdam inner city sought cooperation with various designers among whom VanLennep (house style), Mijksenaar (signage), Fabrique (website) and Dawn (‘Lost Animals’ campaign) with the aim of updating its design at several levels.

Best Client

Artis is seeking the highest possible quality in all areas of design (from house style and signage to merchandise and new pavilions). The independent commission – Pieter Aarts (DMN), Rita van Hattem (BNO), Luuk Ros (Adformatie), Roel Stavorinus (Metroel) en Esther Donders/Gerard Streng (both Heijmans) – praises the decision to make use of the services of a group of external (design) consultants who will structurally assist the organisation in its decisions, and calls the results impressive.

On Saturday evening, in Eindhoven, Dutch Design Awards rewarded Artis for its good clientship with the Best Client Award 2014. Quote from the jury report: ‘The management leading the organisation is obviously very inspired and has a clear vision. Also the designers were exceptionally pleased with this collaboration. They described the approach as thorough and professional. Artis has not put itself in the designer’s chair.’

Best Client Award

With the Best Client Award, Dutch Design Awards shows and rewards good clientship in relation to design. Major selection criteria are professionalism, strategy, sustainability and innovation. Nominated for this year’s Award were Urban Park Artis, carpet manufacturer Desso and construction company Bam Civiel Southwest and Northwest. More about these finalists and their unique projects can be found on the on the website of Best Client Award.

Dutch Design Awards

Dutch Design Awards are internationally renowned awards for the best design in the Netherlands. The awards ceremony, the exhibition of the work of all the finalists during Dutch Design Week, and the publication of the Dutch Design Yearbook (in collaboration with nai010 publishers) together create a platform for Dutch design across the full spectrum.

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