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Bugaboo Boxer


Travel cases all look more or less the same. Time for something new, they thought at Bugaboo. The Bugaboo Boxer is a modular luggage system with various push, pull and turn features. Thanks to an especially designed chassis the Bugaboo Boxer is nimble and stackable: you can click cabin luggage, hand luggage and laptop case together with the flick of the wrist. A successful market expansion for Bugaboo, famous for push chairs.

Simply a useful and well-made product.


Traditional roll-along suitcases are made to pull: often they are heavy and awkward. Which explains why the alternative that is the Bugaboo Boxer is such a surprise for the market. Thanks to the push system, the luggage feels surprisingly lighter. The stackable parts make the system quick and nimble. Simply a useful and well-made product.

Website www.bugaboo.com/NL/en_NL/luggage/bugaboo-boxer
Ontwerper Max Barenbrug & Jaap den Boer

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