Dutch Design Awards (DDA) is evolving, and in 2024, it has embraced a year of introspection. Over the recent years, numerous questions have surfaced, originating both from the design community and internally. Given the changing landscape of the world and the design field, it is both crucial and logical for DDA and the discourse around design awards to adapt accordingly.

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Video 14.04.2024

In focus: Marcos Kueh

Video 12.04.2024

In focus: Rotterdam Circulair x Christien Meidertsma

Video 10.04.2024

In focus: Clever Franke

Video 08.04.2024

In focus: Bosk

Video 06.04.2024

In focus: Super Local

Video 05.04.2024

In focus: Tailors and Wearers

Video 04.04.2024

In focus: Modem

Video 03.04.2024

In focus: Carlijn Kingma

News 29.02.2024

Dutch Design Awards is in transition

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