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Video 14.04.2024

In focus: Marcos Kueh

Video 12.04.2024

In focus: Rotterdam Circulair x Christien Meidertsma

Video 10.04.2024

In focus: Clever Franke

Video 08.04.2024

In focus: Bosk

Video 06.04.2024

In focus: Super Local

Video 05.04.2024

In focus: Tailors and Wearers

Video 04.04.2024

In focus: Modem

Video 03.04.2024

In focus: Carlijn Kingma

News 29.02.2024

Dutch Design Awards is in transition

News 10.12.2023

In conversation with the jury of Dutch Design Awards

News 05.12.2023

DDA23 Programme Booklet

News 26.10.2023

The public has spoken: the winner of the DDA Public Award is…

News 19.10.2023

Vote for DDA Public Award


Cream on Chrome: “Winning Dutch Design Awards 2022 really helped us feel landed in the design community”

Columns 10.10.2023

Moments of Illumination - international view with Oli Stratford


Winners Dutch Design Awards 2023

News 22.09.2023

Makership, research and collaboration are rewarded in Dutch Design Awards 2023

Video 16.03.2023

In focus: Martina Huynh & Jonas Althaus

Video 16.03.2023

In focus: MVRDV

Video 16.03.2023

In focus: WTFFF?!

Video 16.03.2023

In focus: Yamuna Forzani

Video 16.03.2023

In focus: Noa Jansma

Video 16.03.2023

In focus: Studio Makkink en Bey

News 16.03.2023

In focus: Studio Ineke Hans x Circuform

News 09.03.2023

Looking for the new Da Vinci’s

News 31.01.2023

Catawiki x DDA partner award winner: Buro Belén

News 28.10.2022

Winners Dutch Design Awards 2022



News 25.10.2022

Living the Dream

Columns 19.10.2022


Columns 17.10.2022

Looking back to move forward

Columns 12.10.2022

The new meaning of fashion

Columns 12.10.2022

Waking up in a visual world

Columns 05.10.2022

Twenty years is an eternity

Columns 02.10.2022

The Ones That Got Away

Columns 29.09.2022

Art and knowledge intertwined

News 22.09.2022

How are Young Designers Bodil and Bob doing now?

Columns 21.09.2022

Building bridges

News 21.09.2022

Kevin de Randamie chair of DDA22 main jury


These are the nominees for Dutch Design Awards 2022

News 19.04.2022

In focus: Audrey Large

Video 13.04.2022

In focus: The Fabricant

Video 12.04.2022

In focus: BYBORRE Create™

Video 06.04.2022

In focus: Marker Wadden

Video 05.04.2022

In focus: Good Neighbours

Video 23.03.2022

In focus: Globalance World

Video 21.03.2022

In focus: Circulair Warenhuis

Video 21.03.2022

In focus: Stay Sane, Stay Safe

News 18.02.2022

Enter your projects for DDA 2022!

News 17.02.2022

How is Audrey Large doing?

News 16.02.2022

First research results on the role of gender and ethnicity at DDA

Columns 02.02.2022

Mirror of a young vanguard

Columns 27.01.2022

Data is neutral. Designers are not.

News 25.01.2022

Apply now for masterclass Boost your Business

Columns 16.12.2021

Design research in action

Columns 15.11.2021

How less can be more

News 05.11.2021

Bob Hendrikx wins Public Award!

Columns 27.10.2021

A Designer becomes a politician

News 24.10.2021

Dutch Design Awards - an international view

Press 23.10.2021

Meet the winners of Dutch Design Awards 2021

News 23.10.2021

Marker Wadden wins the category Habitat!

News 23.10.2021

DDA winner The Fabricant drives a MINI for a year

Video 23.10.2021

Marker Wadden winner Habitat 2021

Video 23.10.2021

The Fabricant winner Fashion 2021

News 22.10.2021

CLEVER°FRANKE wins the category Data & Interaction!

Video 22.10.2021

CLEVER°FRANKE winner Data & interaction 2021

News 21.10.2021

BYBORRE wins the category Product!

Video 21.10.2021

BYBORRE winner Product 2021

News 20.10.2021

Circulair Warenhuis wins the category Best Commissioning

Video 20.10.2021

Circulair Warenhuis winner Best Commissioning 2021

News 19.10.2021

Stay Sane, Stay Safe wins the category Communications

Video 19.10.2021

Stay Sane, Stay Safe winner Communications 2021

News 18.10.2021

Good Neighbours wins the category Design Research!

Video 18.10.2021

Good Neighbours winnaar Design Research 2021

News 17.10.2021

The Fabricant wins the category Fashion

News 16.10.2021

Audrey Large wins the category Young Designer!

Video 16.10.2021

Audrey Large winner Young Designer 2021

News 15.10.2021

Hella Jongerius receives BNO Piet Zwart Award 2021

Columns 13.10.2021

Timeless design

Columns 27.09.2021

Fashion & Art, Insider & Outsider

Columns 15.09.2021

After the Milan furniture fair: who is our audience?

Video 23.08.2021

A close-up with Studio Dumbar

News 18.08.2021

How are the Young Designers?

News 16.08.2021

Study Dutch Design Foundation and Rotterdam School of Management on inclusiveness in DDA

Video 14.08.2021

A close-up with Ninamounah

News 01.07.2021

These are the nominees of Dutch Design Awards 2021

Video 21.05.2021

A close-up with NL Architects & deMunnik-deJong-Steinhauser

News 19.04.2021

Who determine the nominations for Young Designer?

News 15.04.2021

Who determine the nominations for Design Research?

News 13.04.2021

Who determine the nominations for Data & Interaction?

News 12.04.2021

Who determine the nominations for Product?

News 09.04.2021

Who determine the nominations for Best Commissioning?

News 08.04.2021

Call for nominations for the BNO Piet Zwart Award 2021

News 06.04.2021

Who determine the nominations for Habitat?

News 01.04.2021

Who determine the nominations for Communication?

News 30.03.2021

Who determine the nominations for Fashion?

Video 15.03.2021

A Close-up with Rijksoverheid

News 15.03.2021

Dutch Design Foundation is looking for two new colleagues!

News 05.03.2021

We say goodbye to...

News 05.03.2021

How are the Young Designers doing?

News 04.03.2021

Sheltersuit launches meaningful collaboration with fashion label Chloé

Columns 02.03.2021

The importance of 'design thinking and doing' in unruly everyday reality

Video 01.03.2021

A close-up with The Ocean Cleanup & Fabrique

Video 25.02.2021

Submit your best work for Dutch Design Awards 2021!

Video 11.02.2021

A close-up with Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken & Garage 2020

News 02.02.2021

Apply now for Dutch Design Awards 2021!

Video 28.01.2021

A close-up with Simon Dogger

Video 15.01.2021

A close-up with Matilde Boelhouwer

Video 10.01.2021

Jury Report in video

Columns 03.12.2020

Column | Core

Columns 03.11.2020

Column | Careful space

Press 24.10.2020


News 24.10.2020

Rijksoverheid wins the category Best Commissioning!

News 23.10.2020

The Ocean Cleanup X Fabrique win the category Product!

News 22.10.2020

Studio Dumbar wins the category Communication!

News 21.10.2020

Ninamounah wins the category Fashion!

News 20.10.2020

NL Architects X deMunnik-deJong-Steinhauser Architectencollectief E.A. win the category Habitat!

News 19.10.2020

Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken X Garage2020 win the category Service & Systems!

News 18.10.2020

Matilde Boelhouwer wins the category Design Research!

News 17.10.2020

Simon Dogger wins the category Young Designer!

News 16.10.2020

DDA Award Shows Live are about to start!

News 08.10.2020

8x DDA Award Show Live at DDW TV

News 29.09.2020

These are the nominees of DDA20!

News 24.09.2020

Winners Perspective, part 2

News 22.09.2020

Winners Perspective, Pt. 1

News 14.09.2020

Masterclass: Boost Your Business

News 08.09.2020

20 years of design by Peter van de Water

News 21.08.2020

Stream Lisa Konno’s films for free during Into the Great Wide Open ‘20

Columns 04.08.2020

Digital Design for Good

News 27.07.2020

Stimuleringsfonds is looking for offices for 12 master-companion projects in architectural discipline

Columns 07.07.2020

Column | Ouroboros

News 30.06.2020

RE-source in collection Boijmans van Beuningen

News 25.06.2020

Marjan van Aubel creates solar roof for World Expo

News 09.06.2020

Dutch Design Awards 2020: Award Night & Exhibition

News 09.06.2020

Winner’s portrait: Bonne Reijn

Columns 05.06.2020

Column | Global Glitch

News 26.05.2020

Call for Entries 'Best Commissioning' extended

News 18.05.2020

MAISON the FAUX dresses Nikkie de Jager for Eurovision Song Celebration

News 12.05.2020

Winner's portrait: RE-source

News 08.05.2020

2 European Design Awards for CLEVERºFRANKE

Columns 05.05.2020

Column | Form follows crisis

News 24.04.2020

Simone Post designs acoustic wall piece for Thonik’s new studio

News 14.04.2020

Winner’s portrait: Peter van de Water and Sarah Schiffer

Columns 07.04.2020

Fashion in times of corona

News 24.03.2020

DDA Update: Call for Entries extended to 25 May

News 17.03.2020

Winner’s portrait: Simone Post

Columns 03.03.2020

Column | At a distance

News 28.02.2020

Overtreders W wins Jury Prize for Sustainability at Frame Awards 2020

News 20.02.2020

Apply now for Dutch Design Awards 2020

News 17.02.2020

Winner's portrait: Civic Architects

News 14.02.2020

Marjan van Aubel and Tamar Shafrir at State of the Art of Architecture Milano

News 06.02.2020

Lex Pott, Vij5 and Margriet Foolen at OBJECT Rotterdam

News 30.01.2020

The premiere of Lisa Konno’s short film BABA

News 21.01.2020

Winner's portrait: Gert Franke of CLEVER°FRANKE

News 20.01.2020

Sheltersuit Sleep Out 2020

News 17.01.2020

DDA talents on shown at Paris Fashion Week

News 10.01.2020

Hypnotising dress by Iris van Herpen at Golden Globes

Columns 09.01.2020

Column | Immerse yourself in your client’s world for design with impact

Columns 07.01.2020

International View 2019 by Nolan Giles

News 31.12.2019

Thank you for 2019!

Columns 24.12.2019

8x DDA Jury Columns

News 17.12.2019

Winner’s portrait: Gemeente Amsterdam

News 10.12.2019

LocHal named Building of the Year 2019

News 29.11.2019

CLEVER°FRANKE develops corporate identity of Eurovision Song Contest 2020

News 28.11.2019

Winner’s portrait: RNDR

News 14.11.2019

Third DDA exhibition in Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven with Gispen, Lex Pot X Weltevree and Simone Post

Columns 12.11.2019

Column | Digging Design

News 08.11.2019

Royal News: Simone Post & Peter van de Water at 'Lunch of Excellence'

News 07.11.2019

Michiel Schuurman designs PostNL stamp sheet

News 25.10.2019

Power Plant wins Public Award at DDA 2019

News 24.10.2019

Tomorrow we will festively announce the winner of the Public Award!

Video 23.10.2019

Dutch Design Awards | Juryrapport & Tentoonstelling

News 22.10.2019

DDA Design Rides

News 19.10.2019

DDA'ers on Dutch Design Week

Columns 01.10.2019

Column | Digital design and collaboration between disciplines

News 26.09.2019

Young Designer Update

Columns 06.09.2019

Column | Whoever has the youth, has the future… Thank goodness

News 12.08.2019

DDA is looking for a 'Chef Exhibition' for Dutch Design Week

Columns 05.08.2019

Column | Spatial reorganisation

Video 15.07.2019

Aftermovie | Dutch Design Awards 2019

News 12.07.2019

Second DDA-exhibition: Augmented Blueware by Royal Delft

Columns 28.06.2019

Column | The new book

News 13.06.2019

Winner BNO Piet Zwart Award 2019: Frans Bevers

Press 12.06.2019

Winners Dutch Design Awards 2019 set new design standard

Columns 07.06.2019

Column | About fashion.

News 23.05.2019

DDA x Keep An Eye Foundation

Press 22.05.2019

And the nominees are…

Columns 06.05.2019

Column | How difficult can or should it be?

News 01.05.2019

DDA curates quarterly exhibition at Inntel Hotels Art Eindhoven

Columns 08.04.2019

Column | Design for organisations: from ‘managing business’ to ‘facilitating change’

News 08.03.2019

Sign up now for the BNO Piet Zwart Prize

News 28.10.2018

MX3D wins Public award at Dutch Design Awards 2018

Press 21.10.2018

International jury rewards Zaligebrug, Cow&Co and Het Grootste Museum van Nederland


After movie Dutch Design Awards Night

Press 28.06.2018

Change is the catalyst for the winners of DDA18

Press 28.06.2018

Young designers win ten thousand euros

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