Dutch Design Awards is not possible without its partners. New and trusted partnerships make it possible to facilitate, celebrate and promote the design field.


EY believes that art and culture make an essential contribution to understanding what is happening in society. Designers provide new perspectives and connect people with the solutions and products they develop.

EY aims to contribute to a better working world. Not only in professional terms, but also through creating social value and keeping an eye open for talent and future generations. Based on this philosophy, EY will embrace several initiatives in the art and culture sectors in the coming years, also as a partner of Dutch Design Awards.

DDA x Catawiki

Catawiki works closely with the design community to connect designers with a global online audience. Together with Dutch Design Awards, Catawiki hopes to strengthen the bond between buyer and seller, designer and collector, both online and offline.

Catawiki is the leading online auction marketplace for buying and selling special objects. Every week, over 75,000 objects are put up for auction to a worldwide online audience. Designers can auction their designs via Catawiki, ranging from a prototype to entire collections.

DDA x Keep an Eye Foundation

Keep an Eye Foundation and Dutch Design Awards believe that financial support can make all the difference at the beginning of your career. Young designers are bursting with good ideas but often lack the resources to actually make them happen. We help them with this.

Keep an Eye Foundation is always on the lookout for young, promising talents. Thanks to various grants, prizes, shows and festivals, these talented musicians, artists, photographers, designers and filmmakers are given the opportunity to develop their talent, create new possibilities, and above all to realise their creative dreams.

DDA x Municipality Eindhoven

Municipality of Eindhoven and design are inextricably linked. With Dutch Design Awards, the Municipality of Eindhoven aims to contribute to a continued focus on designs that have a positive social impact.

DDA x Pictoright

Pictoright Fund supports projects with added value for the profession within one or more of the disciplines design/illustration, photography and the visual arts. The advisory committee sees the Dutch Design Awards as a professional and preeminent event for the Dutch design sector. The awards contribute to the promotion of the profession and the exhibition of the prize-winning work is accessible to a wide audience.

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