Wieki Somers



Mitate is a series of special lamps consisting of delicate, folded armatures that barely enfold the lighting source. With these lamps, Wieki Somers creates a unique shadow play.

foto’s: Fabrice Gousset, courtesy Galerie Kreo
Thing that become overly visible I push back into the shadows.Extraneous ornaments I remove, said Somers - Chris Reinewald, Dutch Design Jaarboek, 2013


With this nomination, the appreciation for poetic research is expressed. The product line consists of contemporary western lamps with a Japanese signature. With Mitate, Wieki Somers succeeds excellently in making the transition from flat to spatial design: the designs (3D) depict an illustration (2D) in the space.

Studio Wieki Somers
Website www.wiekisomers.com
Opdrachtgever Galerie Kreo, Parijs

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