Dutch Design Awards 2017

Dutch Design Awards (DDA) is one of the most important awards in the design industry and annually shows and rewards the very best in the field of Dutch design. To this end, DDA appoints selection committees of independent experts who both nominate candidates and judge submissions; together they will compose a shortlist of finalists. An international jury will appoint a winner in each category, except for the Best Client Award and the Public Award. The decisive factor in the judgement is the extent to which the design is innovative and/or makes a relevant contribution to society.

A particularly excellent lineup of winners for its national Dutch Design Awards is testament to the power of Dutch design.

Paola Antonelli, MoMA's Senior Curator of Architecture & Design


An overview of the categories of Dutch Design Awards.

  • Product

    Industrial design or limited editions that improve people’s lives and/or make life easier. By this we mean products for consumers, citizens and the B2B market. Think, for example, of products or objects for the working environment, living environment and the mobility of humans and/or animals, such as cars, boats, bikes, wheelchairs, walking frames, household appliances, lighting, furniture and accessories.

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  • Communication

    New media, or new applications of existing media that improve and/or alter communication in original ways. For example: infographics, web design and websites, interfaces of devices, electronic publications, apps, animations, illustrations, games, campaigns, signage, magazines, newspapers, books, letter fonts and printed communication tools.

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  • Habitat

    Design and furnishings for the private and public space that improve the quality of life. This includes the following components: interior designs (cultural such as museum exhibitions or commercial such as retail concepts) infrastructure, squares, streets, parks, signage, street furniture or furnishing elements for temporary manifestations.

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  • Fashion

    Fashion in which wearability is not a requirement. This includes collections, unique pieces, performances (online and offline), textiles, tapestries, shoes and accessories.

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  • Design Research

    Scenarios and concepts which, based on solid research, present an insight to the future. By this we mean speculative design, applied research, materials research and ideas that offer a perspective to new products/solutions. The emphasis lies on the research phase.

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  • Service & Systems

    Services and methods in which the designer creates added value in an innovative manner. These projects aim to provide citizens or consumers with new insights, to raise their awareness, or to guide or inform them. This includes a tangible (offline or online) result.

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  • Best Client

    This award is for clients who strategically make use of designers and design for the benefit of their company or institution. With this award good clientship is rewarded in relation to design. Important selection criteria are the level of professionalism, strategy, sustainability and innovation.

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  • Young Designer

    The incentive award for young and talented designers that graduated no longer than five years ago. In the judging process the designer plays a central role; the jury assesses the quality of the entire portfolio.

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  • BNO Piet Zwart Award

    This lifetime achievement award is appointed by the Beroepsorganisatie Nederlandse Ontwerpers (BNO) and DDA to a designer who excels in one or more of the area's of expertise in which photographer, typographer, spacial and industrial designer Piet Zwart was active. The price is awarded once every two years. The next moment will be in 2017.

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  • FRAME Public Award

    The finalist with most votes from the public will be rewarded with the Public Award. The audience can vote online or in the exhibition for finalists in the categories: Fashion, Product, Communication, Service & Systems, Habitat, Design Research and Young Designer Award. The Public Award is a collaboration with Frame Magazine.

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  • Future Award

    This is the award for the ‘best of the best’: the overall winner of Dutch Design Awards. Every year, the international jury appoints from all winners the most promising design for the future. This winner takes home the Future Award.

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Each year, Dutch Design Awards presents and rewards the best in the field of Dutch design. In establishing a shortlist, DDA evaluates designs based on five criteria: aesthetics, impact, innovation, manufacturing method and cooperation.

  • Aesthetics

    The work is attractive and well made; the functionality is not overshadowed; displays a good balance of form and function.

  • Impact

    The work has a social usefulness; offers a solution to a problem; sets relevant changes in motion and/or brings them about.

  • Innovation

    The work has an innovative character; creates other or additional possibilities; contributes to a change process.

  • Manufacturing process

    The work is manufactured responsibly; evident professional use of materials and technologies; is produced sustainably and/or is high quality.

  • Cooperation

    The work originates from a cooperative venture; lays links beyond the scope of the designer’s working environment; has acquired added value through contributions from external parties.

The decisive factor in the judgement is the extent to which the design is innovative and/or makes a relevant contribution to society.

Calendar 2017

  • February 23th

    Competition open from February 23th until April 3rd 2017

    Category Young Designer February 23rd until April 18th 2017.

    Submission Category Best Client May 3rd until June 14th 2017.

  • April 1st

    Last day to apply your design. The deadline closes at 17.00.

    (Deadline submission category Young Designer April 18th 2017 17.00)

  • April and May

    Selection committees come together to decide upon the finalists 2017.

  • June 8th

    Announcing the finalists in the main categories.

    Announcing the finalists Young Designer on June 22nd 2017.

    Announcing the finalists Best Client on September 7th 2017.

    Read more about the previous finalists in the Dutch Design Gallery

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  • October 28th

    Awards show and celebrating the winners during Dutch Design Week.

    Read more about the last edition in 2016.

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  • October 21st - 29th 2017

    Exhibition with the work of all finalists and winners during Dutch Design Week.

    Read more about the last edition in 2016.

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Meet the Judges

A distinguished selection of experts in the field of design

International jury

Advantages of participation

DDA finalists are amongst the very best of Dutch design.


Professional selection committees featuring design experts, journalists, museum curators and company CEOs assess every submission; an international jury appoints the winners. All nominees will receive a report.


The award show and nine-day exhibition during Dutch Design Week have (inter)national appeal and present the finalists to fellow designers, media and the public at large.


The work of all the finalists will be published in the DDA publication called Dutch Design Today, the Dutch Design Gallery, and in our media partners’ publications (such as Dutch Design Daily, Dude (BNO), Elle Decoration, Archello, Fontanel, VPRO en Glamcult).


A logo is available for all the finalists for their website and social media. Winners will receive the much-coveted Dutch Design Award.


Dutch Design Awards pursue an active PR policy. The shortlisted work will be brought to the attention of a broad (inter)national network through press releases, mailings and pitches. The nine-day exhibition is part of the Dutch Design Week press tour.


All finalists will receive 2 tickets for the Award Show, 2 copies of Dutch Design Today and 2 tickets providing access to the DDA exhibition and all Dutch Design Week venues.