Studio Tjepkema

Bling Bling

The project

From distance Frank Tjepkema’s designed medallion resembles an opulently decorated cross. A closer look reveals paper-thin layers of gold plated steel perforated to proclaim the symbolism of modern religion. Banal logos like those of Coca-Cola and Gucci tell the story that jewelry has always told: the world of capital loves to wrap itself in the illusion of timeless beauty.


This is a fashionable yet simple eyecatcher that is able to over live time. A jewelry that a lot of people know and recognize. In a clever way, the designer touches on topics as commerce, shopping, brand slavery and religion, which works even better because of the used technique. Frank Tjepkema has made an optimal use of photo-etching.


From distance, it looks archaic and primitive, something that could have been left in Egyptian pharaohs graves; but when looking closer it is possible to see engraved brand names. Rapidly it changes the meaning from beautiful item to ideological stunt – consumption as the religion of our time.

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