Studio Glithero, Tim Simpson & Sarah van Gameren

Blueware Vases

The project

Blueware is a collection of ceramics with cyanotypes; a process of capturing direct impressions of botanical specimens on earthenware, using photosensitive chemicals. From one of the earliest principals of photography to the historic affinity between ceramic and the colour blue, the project is built upon the inventions of Glithero’s Anglo-Dutch predecessors, shattered into small fragments and kaleidoscopically rearranged.


The Dutch-British design duo Glithero (Tim Simpson and Sarah van Gameren) applies a vintage reproduction technique – the blueprint – to transfer plants onto vases. This conceptual yet traditional method approach is not only beautiful but makes us reflect on the beauty of historic ornamentation.

— “Glithero aim to capture the beauty they see in the moment of transformation, the almost indefinable moment when a product comes into being...”

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