Space Encounters

Boring Collection

The project

The Boring Collection was thought up and developed due to astonishment about the appearance of affordable office furniture. Designer research resulted in the conclusion that designing beautiful and affordable office furniture is practically impossible within the current Health and Safety Act. They consciously opted for a plain, modest and functional collection that manages to draw the attention to its surroundings. All furniture pieces are therefore reserved soft grey in colour, with archetypal shapes.


The Boring Collection offers an alternative for ubiquitous office furniture, which, according to Space Encounters and Lensvelt, is dominated by regulations and legislation. In contrast, the collection they present is strikingly minimalist. As the name suggest, the execution is funny and daring: the presentation is full of references to the frivolous shapes of the nineteen-eighties (Memphis). A collection as a statement, while the office chairs, desks, storage units and bin seem to prefer to relinquish attention than demand it.

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