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Compri HX

The project

A smart solution for efficient building control. Thanks to its modular structure, the Compri HX can be easily customized to every installation. Furthermore, the system can easily be extended at a later stage. The input and output modules of the Compri HX are universal and multi-functional, which means they can be used in most applications. All settings can be viewed and modified on the accompanying display.The Compri HX allows you to communicate with and control all the systems in a building. Modern Internet technology and the use of widely available standards play a key role in this process. All forms of Internet and Intranet applications, including wireless, can easily be combined using the Priva system. This even includes operating it via a standard browser. The Compri HX is also perfectly prepared for the future.


The products clear, functional structure also makes life for the facility manager and repair person a great deal easier.

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