Sebastiaan Straatsma

Dustcollectors; Mangas & Daikaijus series

The project

The Dustcollectors are inspired by objects and shapes who at first sight have a dual use-aged; function and decoration. When this function disappears it becomes a non-product, taking space.
 Just like the classical vases you normally see on antique cupboards and mantelpieces. They have the vase function but are rarely used that way. They are status symbols of the past and used as decoration.


The classic silhouette of the vases is misleading as soon as you find out that the material used is ‘crocheted plastic’. Designer Sebastiaan Straatsma borrows his decorations from contemporary pop culture – from Kaijus monsters to manga characters – as if they are traditional Asian decorations, which results in an exciting visual contradiction.

— This approach, with its obvious jumping back and forth between tradition and hip, ties in particularly well with today’s Japanese pop culture. (source: C.R. Dutch Design Yearbook, 2011)

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