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HISTOR Paintcan

The project

The Histor Paintcan is a revolutionary paint container for solvent and water borne paints. The shape and the material offer many advantages compared to the conventional look. So the pot is lighter in weight and nested, cost effective for storage and transport to the filling line and a smaller CO2 foot print. The innovative square shape is not only highly distinctive on store shelves with an extra large, facing it and supplies as well as ease of use for the painter.


Prizing open a paintcan with a screwdriver is now a thing of the past. This ‘Paint Can’ isn’t a can at all, but a square plastic shape with rounded corners and tabs on it, which are easy to flip open with your hands. Convenient, clean and innovative.

— The new packaging is the result of a successful collaboration between the manufacturer, the mould maker, the injection mould company and the design agency. (source: C.R. Dutch Design Yearbook)

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