Richard Hutten


The project

Hutten has taken existing ceramic objects from well-known designers to form the foundation for new designs. Vases, bowls and other objects by such designers as Newson, Sottsass, Morrison, Grcic, Lovegrove, Wanders, MVRDV and Arad have been piled up and secured to each other in an individual composition, before being fired and glazed.


Hutten has the courage to create a new design language from the familiar languages used by the well-known designers. He uses this precociously, putting the authenticity of the original works into perspective. Hommage is a striking interchange between the destruction of existing models and the creation of a new design; an interchange that is strengthened by replacing the original colour of the glazes with black and white. As a result, Hommage is an exceptional and distinctive design, blending respect and irony.

— Hommage raises questions about the authenticity, copyright and celebrity status of designers.

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