Lely i.s.m. Flex/the Innovation lab

Lely Welger RPC 445 Tornado

The project

This baler not only makes the bales but also wraps them. Often a baler looks like an angular contraption. In this case, the baler/wrapper stands out from other examples on the market, giving the brand a clear, recognizable image.


After the tractors, it’s time for the trailers to look tough and sturdy. A successful approach to car design approach in this agro-industrial product: hay mower and baler in one. The design also ensures an improvement of the reduction of dust released during the compression of mown hay into bales.


A true innovation that delivers several functions in one machine. The visual language is of
movement, rather than of angles and hard lines. It’s a pleasure to see aesthetic thought at the base of agricultural machinery. And it’s red.

— A successful automobile-design approach has been taken with this agrarian-industrial product.