Kirsten Algera & Ernst van der Hoeven

Macguffin Magazine

The project

MacGuffin Magazine researches the remarkable relationships between design, craft and users, with a focus on ‘afterlife’ of designs. This makes the magazine an addition to the profession in which a lot of attention is given to constant renewal and innovation. Each six-montly issue focusses on an object as subject and explores the stories it generates. Inspired by the ‘macguffins’ Hitchcock used in his films, the things that put the story in motion, MacGuffin offers a platform for research, critical observation, and the development of new visions of design.


The two MacGuffin editors have managed to establish a magazine with strong content. It demonstrates that there is still a demand for quality and depth. The medium has a strong journalistic approach and provides pleasant critical commentary about the new influx of design and implements. The magazine forms an inspiring archive that is worth collecting. The design is surprising and a respite for the committee when compared to many other design media.

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