The project

In Borneo, people wove their myths and stories into textiles, to convey certain morals and values. Marcos Kueh sees his practice as a contemporary version of this. His work deals with postcolonialism and researches which stories we want to preserve. He uses techniques from various Southeast Asian countries and combines them with thorough knowledge of every machine he uses, with his experience in all kinds of weaving looms, and designs and develops his own textiles. This is how Marcos makes invisible gods, spirits and ideas visible, so that we start thinking about their relevance. The question he asks his audience: Do you just see beautiful textiles? Or are you really listening?


Expert panel

It is extraordinary that Marcos Kueh has already achieved so much and yet still shows so much promise. The possibilities for this young designer seem endless. The layering in his work is impressive, both technically and graphically and in the way in which he applies his craft. With his own distinct visual language, Marcos Kueh knows how to seamlessly interweave a digital aesthetic, that is very topical, with age-old craftsmanship, thus conveying a narrative that cries out for attention. His work is beautiful and daring and cannot be labelled into one category. Unbelievably powerful, this unanimously chosen winner in the Young Designer category.

— “Using solid craftsmanship and overwhelming aesthetics, Marcos Kueh illustrates the importance of modern myths as an antidote to colonial narratives.”

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