Marius Jopen


The project

Since graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2014, graphic designer Marius Jopen has established a considerable portfolio. His work is diverse and unites various disciplines: from graphic design to charitable strategies, and from logos to exhibition design. With his daily poster series he displays his vision of graphic design and illustration and he also adopts the role of journalist. He has taught himself many of the techniques that he employs. His work constantly races between cheeky, lovely, uncomfortable, ironic, unpolished and intelligent observations.


Marius Jopen has developed his own recognisable style, in a relatively short space of time and with well thought-out typography. Jopen is a prototypical exponent of the wider trend of graphic designers expanding their field of activity. Through the interplay of typefaces, typography and handwritten ‘writing on the wall’, Jopen manages to provide his own engaged interpretation here. With a post-punk-like signature he illustrates the news with raw word and image jokes. His rough handwriting is loaded with a beauty and playfulness that really appeals to the committee.

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