Mars Messages

The project

FHV BBDO invented and designed a special packaging for the famous Mars bar. The wrapper, in this case, stayed completely black and the consumer is able to put their own message on the wrapper in the font of the Mars logo. It takes courage to let other people use your typography to play with in your image. No matter what nice or nasty messages are stuck on the wrapper, the product and its house style are still clearly recognizable.


When your packaging and product- a chocolate bar filled with toffee mixture- are so familiar, you can permit yourself the luxury of playing with it. The wrapper remained a ‘virginal’ black canvas. With a sheet of separate sticker letters designed in the red Mars typography, consumers could now put their own messages on the wrapper. Simple and fun.


Simply great packaging which makes a daring statement for a 100 year old brand. It’s so simple and yet so recognizable.

— A simple, daring and successful mix of brand thinking and design.

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