DuvedeC Europe BV


The project

“Phileas”; a modular, lightweight vehicle with low boarding and many innovative features.


Trams demand the installation of special infrastructure and are lacking in flexibility. In our opinion, the HOV (“Hoogwaardig Openbaar Vervoer” or “High Quality Public Transport”) indeed represents a “high quality” alternative. Comparable with a tram in terms of visual impression and passenger capacity, yet without the need for an infrastructure to be installed first. Not a vehicle can be stranded on rails and bring traffic to a standstill. The interior of the HOV is also attractive and has been designed with care.


Through its use of lightweight materials, the Phileas is more environmentally friendly. Thanks to its special suspension system, it is extremely comfortable and offers easy access to everyone. The FROG technology it uses, with magnets laid in the road surface, also enables these rapid transit busses to operate automatically.

— An icon for the city of Eindhoven!

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