ResQTec G2 Cutter

The project

The G2 Cutter is the first of a completely new series of rescue tools that combine innovative technology with distinguished design. The design has been developed out of an intensive collaboration between the designers and engineers of VanBerloStudios and the R7D department of ResQTec. The rescue tools have been developed from the needs of the user. Particularly close attention was therefore paid to portability and handling. Weight and balance have been optimized in such a way that wrist and back stress are reduced. The tools offer the best performance / weight ratio on the market, with the highest safety factor on critical parts. The innovative design communicates these characteristics effectively.


The G2 Cutter is a sturdy product that emanates power; the controls are clear and despite its significant weight the device is pleasant to use, thanks to a clever choice of the center of gravity in relationship to the handle.

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