Dirk van der Kooij

RvR chair

The project

Dirk Vander Kooij first gained attention with the Endless Chair (2010) and has succeeded this with the RvR Chair, the first 3D-printed chair in the world. Back then, the focus was on the development of this new technology. Now, a functional chair has been designed: stackable, fitted with arm rests, and manufactured entirely from 100% recycled plastic. The technology has now progressed to the extent that it is possible to print this chair in a single curved piece.


The RvR Chair was printed in half an hour, a substantial saving in time when compared to the first examples from 2010. This demonstrates that printing furniture can become a useful and competitive technology, both with regard to costs (an expensive mould is not required) and production time. The committee appreciates the flowing together of the colours, the use of recycled materials, the stackable system and the robust end product.

— The functional version of the first 3D-printed chair in the world.

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