The project

The School Parasite ‘Lampion’ is placed in the garden of a primary school as a free-standing object. Seyferth designed a volume in the shape of a mushroom. Due to the round shape, all attention in the interior is drawn to the middle. The exterior design is influenced by the large, central tree in African villages where people gather to sit around. For that purpose a bench has been fitted all around the building. The façade of the school is already quite colourful. Seyferth therefore chose a standard green colour of Colorcoat® prefinished steel for the Parasite to blend in with the surrounding garden. The façade consists of 28 modular segments of sandwich elements with 0,7 mm steel sheet on the inside, 100 mm EPS insulation and 0,63 mm steel sheet on the outside, each fitted with a window on eye level. The roof is made of a translucent, air-filled construction.

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