Bertjan Pot

Slim Table

The project

Slim Table, the result of a commission from Arco Meubelfabriek, marks the occasion of the hundred years’ existence of this furniture manufacturer. Twelve lively designers were invited to present their visions of the future. One of the results was this visually fragile table from Bertjan Pot. The aluminum sandwich has a dismountable and yet also extremely innovative construction. Despite its frail appearance, the table has an unprecedented, perhaps also an unexpected, stability. The addition of veneer over the construction gives the impression of the creation of an impossible slim wooden table.


The purest table design that could feasibly be made in unlikely proportions, made possible by an unorthodox application of materials. Steel in combination with aluminum for the support construction, veneer for the appearance and feel.

— Intelligent innovation that gives minimalism a new impulse.

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