Scope Design & Strategy


The project

SmartFix is a new type of connection system for hot and cold water pipes that is differentiated from other solutions by its innovative grip mechanism. The connectors are “plug & play”, and an inspection hole can be rotated by the fitter so that the correct positioning of the piping can always be checked.


The product has its cleverness on the inside: the plastic push-fit rings grip the outside and inside of the pipes tightly. An inspection hole provides assurance that the pipe is cut through far enough. The handy, slim form and, for a professional product, detailing that is thoroughly implemented, are indications that this is a product of quality.


This apparently simple “low interest” product has been cleverly designed with an attention to way it is experienced both practically and emotionally. The design is not only the result of technical ingenuity, but it also demonstrates that a conscious decision to adopt a real back-to-basics brand strategy can be both aesthetically and commercially successful.

— This is a textbook example of the added value that design can deliver.

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