Machteld van Joolingen

Universal Usables

The project

Machteld van Joolingen is jewelry designer and created this silk scarf ‘Universal Usible’. It is the print of this design that makes this piece of clothing annex jewelry so special. At first sight the design seems to be based on patch-work technique, but this is not what it appears to be. The designer scanned fabrics from all over the world, made this into cubes and presented it against a backdrop of historical Dutch vessels in blue and white. The lining is Tibetanian orange and has no relation to any Dutch feeling of folklore.


This scarf has beautiful details and colours, is not cheeky, but contemporary for its idea and design. The theme of the multicultural society is approached in the right way by the designer, she mixed all different kinds of patterns from different cultures and printed them by means of a modern photo print technique.

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