Van der Veer Designers

VDL Futura

The project

the VDL Futura is a classic high-deck coach designed for the European touring market. Extra attention has been paid to the comfort of the passengers, who can indi- vidually adjust their seats to the most comfortable position. The driver’s area is a cockpit with optimal ergonomics: a luxurious chair with a wide variety of settings and a steering wheel with many adjustment possibilities.


In the design of the bus with its business-like and contemporary appearance, all unnecessary frills have been avoided. Therefore, this bus will not loom up threateningly in the rear-view mirror of other road users. The arrow-shaped headlights are recognisable elements referring to the headlamps of motorbikes.

— With this coach, the emphasis is primarily on the aerodynamic front with the large VDL logo and the headlights. (source: C.R. Dutch Design Yearbook, 2011)

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