VelopA / VanBerlo

VelopA-Citystyle Easylift+

The project

The Easylift+ bicycle parking system by VelopA-Citystyle, space-saving and user-friendly due to its lifting system and lightweight aluminium groove for the tires. he double-layer nature of the low- maintenance Easylift+ means a doubling of the bicy- cle parking capacity. The storage system is suitable for practically all types of bikes and available in mod- ules of 8 or 12 places for bicycles.


Easylift+, the double layer bicycle parking system by VelopA-Citystyle, saves space and is easy to handle because of the lifting system and the lightweight aluminium groove. It shows how functionally beautiful industrial design can be.

— 'With this design created by VanBerlo, perfection is now gradually drawing closer.' (Source: C.R. Dutch Design Yearbook, 2011).

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