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In order to register for DDA you need a Dutch Design Foundation Community account.


Do you already have a Dutch Design Foundation Community account?


How does it work?

Read below what to do if you want to compete for one of the Awards.

  • Account DDF Community

    • Register and log in.
    • In order to start the submission process, you must first have a Dutch Design Foundation Community account. You can create this via the link registration at the top of this page.
    • After registering you can log in (see link above) using the account and choose to start the DDA submission process.
    • If you have previously created a Community account via DDF or DDW, you can use it to log in directly without having to create a new Community account.
  • Project submission

    • You have arrived at DDA submission.
    • Choose a category and start the submission process.
    • It is possible to submit different designs. It is not possible to submit the same design in different categories.
    • In 2020 there will be no registration fee (one-time exception).
    • Read here the Regulations DDA 2020 for participation in the competition.
  • Submit or edit

    • Complete the submission form.
    • You can save a partially completed form and finalise your submission at a later time.
    • You can save your submission by clicking on ‘Save Submission’ at the bottom of the submission page.
    • When your submission is complete, it can be finalised and submitted.
    • Incomplete submissions will not be processes.
    • Tip: Type the answers to the questions in a Word/Text editor/Pages document first, and then copy the answers into the online submission form. In this way, you will not lose the entered text if you forget to save the form and leave the submission process.
  • Confirmation

    • After finalising your submission, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.


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