During Frame Awards ceremony on Thursday 20 February, Overtreders W received the Sustainability Jury Prize in the category Societal Awards for their project Brasserie 2050, the restaurant of the future.

Frame Awards 2020
During a festive award ceremony, designers, judges, visionary clients and brands from around the world gathered to hand out and celebrate the annual Frame Awards.

Former Dutch Design Awards winner Overtreders W received the jury prize for sustainability in the category Societal Awards for their project, Brasserie 2050. This restaurant, designed by Overtreders W as the ‘food barn’ of the future, opened its doors for the first time at Lowlands festival in 2018.


Brasserie 2050
The concept of the restaurant? In 2050, the world will have 10 billion people to feed. To enable that, the entire world population will have to start eating more sustainably. In their restaurant the menu consisted of, among other dishes, No Waste bread made of potato peels, salad Biddinghuizen as a locally bread variety on salad Niçoise and steak tartare with 50% less meat.

Overtreders W previously won a Dutch Design Award in the category Habitat for the pop up project People’s Pavilion, a collaboration with Bureau SLA that was on show at Dutch Design Week.

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