Dutch Design Awards honours the best Dutch design of the preceding year. We do this in eight categories, each with its own professional jury. Who is in the jury and who is going to judge your work? And who is their representative in the main jury? In the coming weeks, we will announce the faces behind each category. We would like to introduce to you the experts of Product!

Main Jury

Ingeborg van Lieshout
Ingeborg van Lieshout is an independent copywriter and text editor known as The Green Light District. After studying at TU Delft, she specialised in architecture, design, sustainability and technology. For public and professional media, from Bright to Wallpaper, Ingeborg explores exhibitions and the internet in search of innovative design that improves our lives. The products we use every day are the result of a designer’s imagination, for which producers see a use. According to Ingeborg, imagination is the start of innovation.

Expert Panel

Lonny van Ryswyck
Together with creative partner Nadine Sterk, Lonny van Ryswyck owns design studio Atelier NL. In addition, Lonny is a lecturer at Design Academy Eindhoven and gives lectures & workshops worldwide sharing Atelier NL’s unique design philosophy. A philosophy that focuses on raw materials, responsible production practices and good craftsmanship.
According to Atelier NL, design offers the opportunity to connect local communities with the valuable resources around them. Community involvement and public participation are of utmost importance. This is reflected in the use and deployment of local resources, focusing on the important connection between people and their environment.

Kristina Andersen
Kristina Andersen is assistant professor at Future Everyday / Industrial Design at the TU/e. Her work is concerned with how we can allow each other to imagine our possible technological futures through digital craftsmanship and collaborations with semi-intelligent machines. How can we innovate, design and act around that which is yet to be imagined? Who gets to drive innovation processes? And how can we reframe our methodologies to include the complex cultural, political, and personal aspects of life?

Cees van Dok
Head of core product design at Miro, Cees van Dok, graduated from Industrial Design Engineering at the Delft University of Technology and built his career at Microsoft, frog design and TomTom. With 20 years of experience in software user experience, product design and leadership, Cees is deeply familiar with both developing the strategic and business value of new propositions as well as with the challenges and complexity of creating and delivering award winning products.

Chris Kabel
Chris Kabel graduated in 2001 from the Design Academy Eindhoven. He lives and works in Rotterdam. In his work, he combines his fascination for materials and natural phenomena with a sensitive and analytical approach to design objects, furniture and architectural elements. Sensitivity to context and finding relevant design answers prevail trends: “I like to be smart more than stylish”. One way or another, aesthetics always follow suit in an intuitive and poetic way.

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