Royal Auping

Auping Evolve

The project

Due to their complex composition of many different materials glued together, old mattresses are one of the largest contributors to worldwide landfill waste. Royal Auping has managed to change this composition and presents the first entirely circular mattress to consumers: Auping Evolve. Locally produced and developed in collaboration with DSM-Niaga. A matrass without foam or glue, but using alternatives made from recyclable polyester and steel. The components are held together by a special bonding system that can be reversed through applying heat. This makes the matrass easy to disassemble and to recycle without loss of quality. An old matrass can thus become a completely new matrass. The Circularity Passport gives the consumer insight into the materials used and exactly where they come from.


Royal Auping has succeeded in making the composition of a widely used consumer product entirely circular, while also maintaining control of the recycling process. It therefore makes a big impact and shows how you can bring about changes from the inside, without making concessions in quality or what your brand stands for. The design strength is particularly evident in the process: the courage to search for collaboration outside a company with such a rich history and to design a smart system that realises these ambitions. This highlights the importance of design in process changes on this scale.

— “Royal Auping shows that a rich history and innovation can go hand-in-hand and makes a huge impact with such a palpable consumer product. It makes clear the importance of design in process changes on this scale.”

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