West 8

Brug over de Vlaardingse Vaart


The project

West 8 designed this pedestrian/bicycle bridge to link the residential area Holy and the recreation area Broekpolder. The construction supporting the bridge deck is both simple and complicated. In actual fact, it is a regular truss bridge, except that it has been twisted: between the two banks the construction does nearly a quarter of a turn. As a result, the top of the bridge forms a kind of arch that peaks in the middle. Going over, or rather going through the bridge is an extraordinary experience.



A special bike bridge runs across the Vlaardingse Vaart, connecting the residential district Holy and the recreational area Broekpolder. The construction is simple and complex at the same time. The truss bridge is twisted: from bank to bank, the twist is almost a quarter turn. Bikers do not cycle across but through the bridge, which creates a very special experience.


— Going through the bridge is an extraordinary experience.

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