Het project

Martina Huynh and Jonas Althaus (both graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2018) are specialists in design research and interactive installations. They work together from Rotterdam under the name Cream on Chrome. With the Basic Income Café (2018) they translated the complex concept of a basic income into an easily accessible installation using coffee to visualise the flow of money and to initiate an open conversation. With The Environmentalist Stock Exchange (2018), Cream on Chrome modelled the global markets on the principles of ecology, in which shareholders were seen as guardians. In 4D News (2019) they explored methods and formats for more complex news stories.



Barely four years since graduating, and we are seeing the work of Martina Huynh and Jonas Althaus everywhere. The jury is impressed by the scope and development of these young designers. Engaged, critical thinkers who design in a very physical, interactive way and therefore entertain with projects that are invariably based on design thinking. The Basic Income Café was beautifully designed and with 4D News the studio immediately made clear how subjective news is. Cream on Chrome is interaction design in the strictest sense of the word, and exceptionally strong in communication.

— ‘Martina Huynh and Jonas Althaus are impressive as a critical, young designers who design in a very physical and interactive way and have an exceptionally strong sense of communication’

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