Erick van Egeraat

Drents museum, Assen

The project

The new development of the Drents Museum was carried out by architect Erick van Egeraat. In the design, the existing Koetshuis has been given a new function as the Museum’s main entrance. The staff building is put on a glass plinth. In addition, underground spaces have been added, connecting the old and the new part.


The museum has a strong sculptural power. Emerging from its restraint, the design becomes a dominant presence. Despite this, the design does not stand in the way of potential exhibitions. All the classic elements that a museum should have are implemented carefully. By reversing the routing – i.e. by turning the Koetshuis into the entrance and adding an underground museum space – the Drents museum itself becomes part of the exhibition. In this way, the history of the museum remains intact, but the premises get an entirely new look. In addition, the garden is an interesting complement to the existing park in the vicinity. In terms of urban planning, the project is extremely strong.


An overwhelming experience and change. It is a great challenge to be innovative without affecting the old. The design has a modern look in which the original architecture is well preserved. Designed and implemented with respect for the spirit in which the museum was built.

— Much more than just an extension of the Drents Museum, Van Egeraat’s design has produced a totally new museum in which old and new are beautifully balanced.

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