Floris Schoonderbeek


The project

A traditional cool cellar in an innovative product form, for cooling large quantities of food. The Groundfridge utilises the insulating effect of the ground, through which the temperature inside is between 10 and 12 °C throughout the year. Fitted with a ventilation system (can be operated using an app) that monitors the temperature and humidity.


Old traditions were revived for the 2015 cellar. This underground fridge reduces power consumption and offers the possibility of keeping joint stocks. No permits are required for the installation, no earth need be removed when it is buried. Due to the purchase price, it is not an obvious solution for an individual or an alternative for the current refrigerator, but all the more suitable for a collective to purchase. This attractive object has been very well marketed.

— Old traditions were revived for the 2015 cellar.

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