Synagoge LJG Amsterdam


The central platform from where the Holy Book, the Torah, is read determines the spatial confirmation of the prayer hall. The con- stellation of two balconies on either side of the altar and the platform has created a silhouette that bears a great resemblance to a menorah, the seven-branched candleholder that is one of Judaism’s most distinctive religious symbols (source: RdjK, Dutch Design Yearbook, 2011).

SeARCH has thus managed to couple functionality to Jewish symbolism(source: RdjK, Dutch Design Yearbook, 2011)


Symbol and functionality go hand in hand. In the façade, the cross section calls forth the outline of a menorah, a candlestick holding seven candles. Inside, this section provides steep balconies that even when they are empty contribute to the intimate atmosphere of the prayer room.

Studio SeARCH
Ontwerper SeARCH
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