Designstudio HiMom.Jp

Heklucht, type Ypenburg

The project

Heklucht is an eye-catching addition to the new Ypenburg housing development in the Hague. Residents can pump up their bicycle tires at eight points spread around the district. The design is a cross between an archetypal bicycle pump and a fence for leaning bicycles against. Polished stainless steel was chosen to make the street furniture inviting to use and touch. Projectbureau Ypenburg offered Design studio HiMom space and materials to develop a limited version of the product. The further development to an industrial scale was then carried forward by Holland Reliƫf BV.


The concept of this – in the eyes of the jury a typically Dutch – design, whereby a bicycle pump has been integrated into a stainless steel pavement fence, provides an addition to the street furniture that is both sympathetic and functional. Although this product was designed for a private client, it is very suitable for public space. The jury is of the opinion that in its current form the design lacks subtlety, and deserves further development.

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