The project

HENK is a multidisciplinary portrait of the Surinamese-Dutch caretaker of the Rietveld Academy. Dressed in a fashion collection inspired by his life, Henk Shakison presents his idiosyncratic view on migration and success. The project consists of a film, fashion collection and a book. HENK is the final part in a triptych of portraits depicting fathers with a migration background by makers Lisa Konno (fashion designer) & Sarah Blok (director). Each father (NOBU, BABA, HENK) wears a collection inspired by his life story and bi-cultural identity. HENK shows both wealth and the division that postcolonial migration brought to his life. Different perspectives on the theme of ‘recognition’ play an important, and sometimes surprising, role in this project.


Expert panel

Lisa Konno is an outspoken designer and developer, who seeks space in her practice. Fashion design is always a part of her work, but not necessarily the starting point. Her ‘models’ are men who are not often seen in the fashion world. HENK is a very complete project, which demonstrates Lisa Konno’s talent for collaboration. She makes no concessions in her visual language; the HENK collection is very theatrical. The wearer is not covered in clothing, but wears his own story. A very authentic form of personal design, with which Konno shines a different light on the concept of haute couture. An admirable young maker who deserves a wide audience.

— “With HENK, Lisa Konno tells the story of the wearer, shedding a different light on concept of haute couture.”

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