Hessing Cockpit

The project

This building unites the functions of a showroom and an acoustic barrier. Perhaps it was this somewhat unusual client requirement that enabled the Hessing Cockpit to become such a powerful example of innovative design. The design appears as if it was conceived while driving in a car at a speed of 120km an hour. Probably because it was geared to speed, the form language of the building is in keeping with drivers’ perception of their environment. In the production process, the designers have made a practicable ICT connection between design, fabrication and implemented building. The object has been created from 50,000 unique construction elements. A new icon.


The jury feels that the Hessing Cockpit provides a new direction for designs for public spaces, with the trend that several functions become combined with each other, In this case, these are the functions of industrial buildings, acoustic barrier and landmark. A second argument for nominating this project is that it is one of the first projects executed by free-form design and an optimal application of modern CAD systems, in combination with flexible fabrication systems. Naturally, the choice of design implied some concessions to, for example, light reflection and maintenance options.

— The building that will continue to be a source of inspiration for architects in the decades to come.

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