Het project

Today’s haircut is tomorrow’s fabric: Studio Zsofia Kollar wants to show that we humans are not above the ecosystem, but a part of it. For example, in Europe alone, around 72 million kilograms of human hair end up in waste every year. Why don’t we use that hair, that is largely made up of proteins like keratin, as a useful biomaterial? Zsofia Kollar sees endless potential in this abundant mound of human hair, that is basically the same keratin-fibre as wool. It is non-toxic, strong, lightweight, flexible, oil-absorbent and a good thermal insulator; all qualities that characterise a revolutionary high-quality textile. To prove this, Zsofia Kollar is developing a closed recycling system together with specialist companies, with the goal of combating waste, exploitation, emissions and energy consumption.



Working with human hair is a stimulating undertaking. Studio Zsofia Kollar has made the process of material development tangible and concrete in the form of a sweater, but her research focuses on a much broader issue: what do we do with our own waste flows? An idea with enormous potential that is not yet or hardly being used, and that Human Material Loop is now speeding up. Zsofia Kollar intrigues by stretching the principle of circularity. She tackles an uncomfortable idea from a design perspective, thereby raising both relevant questions and some discomfort. Are we ready to wear human material?

— ‘With Human Material Loop, Zsofia Kollar tackles an uncomfortable idea from a design perspective; are we ready to wear human material?’

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