Het project

Interaction between all organisms, communities and their environment, that is the starting point of WATERSCHOOL M4H+. Commissioned by IABR (International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam) and together with forty designers, Studio Makkink & Bey researches an optimal ecological habitat for the 6,300 future inhabitants of Merwe-Vierhavens in Rotterdam (M4H+). The project includes a sustainable and circular learning environment, in which our disproportional western footprint becomes clear in terms of water use. Insects, duckweed, seaweed, wood and fungi are the five resources that shape the future of living and working in M4H+ and can influence it on all fronts. By gathering and disseminating knowledge, WATERSCHOOL M4H+ works as a catalyst for the sustainable (re)development of the area.



WATERSCHOOL M4H+ is a convincing project that tackles an extremely urgent and complex subject. Studio Makkink & Bey is involved in every aspect of the design and knows how to involve the right partners as well as a large number of young makers. WATERSCHOOL M4H+ gives shape to the principle of ‘learning by doing’. Studio Makkink & Bey takes on a whole range of roles; from planner, architect and designer to curator, mediator and moderator. The result is a clear set-up, multifaceted and well-presented research, and a wide scope for this comprehensive project that hits home on all levels.

— ‘Studio Makkink & Bey takes on a whole range of roles and in WATERSCHOOL M4H+ has a convincing project that hits home on all levels’

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