The project

The 400-metre long pedestrian bridge De Luchtsingel connects three Rotterdam districts, after decades of separation. This public infrastructure was partly realised through crowdfunding. The design shows a long wooden bridge with a 1.5 kilometre walking route, which is 5 to 8 metres in height. In strategic places, stairs of different widths descend to ground level, creating a three-dimensional city landscape.


A project that managed to breathe new life into a run-down city district bottom-up. It connects the neighbourhood with clear visual markings and new space is created. The Luchtsingel has not only added value in itself, it also works as a boost for further renewal in the neighbourhood. In addition, the committee praises the fact that the designers managed to generate so much attention for the project, which was broadly supported thanks to crowdfunding and enjoyed the support of the people living in the neighbourhood.

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