West 8 & MRIO

Madrid Rio

The project

The city of Madrid dug 43 kilometres of tunnels into which the exit routes and motorways of the 6km section along the River Manzanares disappeared. West 8, working together with MRIO arquitectos designed the master plan for the reclaimed riverbanks and the new urban area. The design is based on the idea »3 + 30« – a concept which proposes dividing the 80 hectare urban development into a trilogy of initial strategic projects that establish a basic structure, development plans were then prepared for the individual components within the landscape.


At the spot where once a highway cut through Madrid is now a park. This new public space proves an instant success. The typical signature of the designer is mixed with context-sensitive elements, making the space feel as if it has been there for years.

— This park revolves around the relationship between the public and the water (RjdK, Dutch Design Yearbook, 2011)

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