Circus Engelbregt


The project

Under the supervision of plant experts, participants in the workshop Medicijnfabriek choose a plant in the park based on intuition. The expert explains if the selected type is suitable for medicinal processing and what effect the plant has. In the especially developed laboratory the participants process their plants to make a medicine. A mobile Medicijnfabriek has also been developed in a wheeled suitcase.


The sometimes naive style in which this project has been executed appears intentional: a way to avoid the Medicijnfabriek entering a competition with traditional healthcare. At the same time, the project asks questions and is highly critical of the financial drivers in healthcare. Through ‘research by doing’ Martijn Engelbregt sheds light on the marginal and that which threatens to be forgotten. His workshops appeal to a large public; the committee is especially positive about the emphasis that this project places on intuition.

— The Medicijnfabriek is not entering a competition with traditional healthcare but asks questions and is highly critical.

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