West 8

Park Pergola


The project

Centraal in het door West 8 ontworpen Máximapark in Leidsche Rijn markeert de Parkpergola de beslotenheid van het zogenoemde binnenhof. De Parkpergola is een zes meter hoge betonnen honingraatconstructie met een totale lengte van 3,5 kilometer.



The ecological Park Pergola has an apparent simplicity, but in fact, it is a complex object, which is also due to its size of 3.5 kilometres. The light falling on the long gate and the shadow patterns create multiple layers and beautiful spots in the park. The pergola marks and connects the division between the park and the outside world. The pergola does not stop at the object itself, but invites new variations and connections.


— The long concrete structure had two distinctive aspects: it is both forbidding and accommodating at the same time - Robert-Jan de Kort, Dutch Design Jaarboek, 2013

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