The designer

Audrey Large researches digital cinema and image theory and uses her findings to design material objects. She plays with the boundaries between the digital and the physical; she uses techniques from the worlds of animation and 3D software to create new images. She sees digital images as raw materials; filming techniques and image manipulation are her tools. In the designs she creates, Audrey Large never focuses on a specific method, but rather on intuitive associations between various techniques, disciplines, functions and perceptions. She searches for a new kind of balance between form and function and uses colour to create tactile illusions that have an alienating character.

Expert panel

Audrey Large sits atop the zeitgeist with the new visual language she creates. She uses digital sources and techniques to create 3D printed sculptures. What’s so special is that the digital and physical are almost interchangeable: in photos it is impossible to differentiate between an object or a render. As such, she makes tangible a reality that we are all seeking in our daily lives – what is something (or someone) on a screen versus real life? Her objects can also be described as performances of material. Everything is well thought out, from beginning to end, with a recognisable design language and interesting use of colour. 

— ‘Audrey Large sits atop the zeitgeist with the new visual language she creates, and makes tangible the blurring of boundaries between the digital and the physical.’’

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